Those Eyes

   I know I posted early this morning, but there is just so much to share!  As I’m headed off to bed, Little Bear is probably just waking up (or will be very soon)!  It’s about an 8 hour time difference.  I frequently find myself doing the math and wondering if she’s eating or playing or sleeping soundly, at any given time.  (Especially while laying awake at 3 o’clock in the morning!)

I got some more pictures.  Earlier, younger pictures.  And of course, the scrapbook as been started.  I’m mesmerized by those eyes.  I can not wait until I can actually look into them and see the little girl that is in there.   

       And the hair.  =)  I have little bows in her basket that are just waiting to be stuck in that hair.  Most orphanages cut the girls hair.  A majority of them have very short hair (nearly shaved).  I can’t wait for her to come home to see what happens as she grows and hopefully her hair grows with her!

     And the one thing that I would still love to see and cant wait to kiss, are those little feet.  Is it odd to want a picture of your child’s feet?  But that is what I want to see, 10 little piggy toes!  I promise to post piggy pictures after I get to visit her for the first time. =)

     One of the many great things about this process is the amazing people that I am ‘meeting’ along the way.  Sharing stories, worries, joys, prayers, pictures…I love having this new ‘family’ of people and I am overwhelmed by how much they are in love with Little Bear (though it’s hard not to fall in love with ALL of these sweet little ones!)  We are all so greatly blessed!      


  • Gina

    Hey Sarah-

    We have a private group of people adopting from Lizzie's country. I'm not sure how else to get ahold of you. It's SUCH a support, especially for us single gals! You can email me at ginbeanbabyqueen@gmail.com and we can talk more. Congrats! Lizzie has been on my heart a long time. What a doll baby. So happy for you!

  • Natalia

    She's so gorgeous. I'm twelve years old and an adoptive sister, and I'm always looking at Reece's Rainbow to see the precious kids and to pray for them. Lizzy is one that I have absolutely fallen in love with. She is so beautiful and I know that she will be just wonderful in a family <33
    I don't really have money to donate right now, but let me know if there is anything I can help with!


    project147.virb.com ::: nisfornatalia.blogspot.com

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