You are Loved…

     At the bottom of this blog is Josh Groban’s song, You Are Loved.  It is a song that I have always enjoyed and find meaning in.  (Of course, Josh himself is pretty enjoyable!)  I can’t wait for this little girl to meet all of the people that have shown such love for her already.
     I work weekly with the youth at my church.  This is such an amazing group of kids.  Over time they have ‘adopted’ two children from foreign countries through a children’s mission organization.  They frequently pray for these little girls, (both from different countries and in different social situations) and they raise money to send for their care.  They give their tithe, spare change, extra dollars here and there.  They are given updates, and an occasional photo.  They have asked over time if they’ll ever get to meet either of these kids and it was even attempted to look into setting up a Skype meeting, but so far, no luck. =(
     Our youth fellowship is on Sunday evenings.  We met this past Sunday and Little Bear’s story was shared with these wonderful kids.  It was decided (not by my doing!) that the finances they raise from now until the end of June will go toward bringing Little Bear home.  Needless to say, I was in tears.  As the Youth Director shared about Little Bear and what needed to happen, the smiles and cheers and clapping was overwhelming.  One of the youth actually pulled out the one dollar bill she had her in pocket and passed it forward right then and there!  They had lots of questions.  “What does she look like?” “When will she be here?”  “You mean she’s actually going to live with Miss Sarah?”  “She’s really going to be your daughter?”  Honest quotes from those kids that I love. The SUPER exciting part is that they WILL get to meet this child.  They will get to hold her and hug her and play with her.  And even though they don’t realize it yet, they will be very important role models in her life.
     After the excitement settled, the lesson was wrapped up, announcements were finished and it was time for prayer requests.  Hands shot up and the first request was for Lizzy.  The next comment “Uh, that’s what I was going to say!”.  Have I told you how great these kids are?  There were other requests as well, and of course I will be adding those to my list.  As we stood in our circle, arms crossed, hands held, over and over I heard “Please keep L safe”, “Please take care of L”, “Please keep L healthy”.  I, on the other hand stood there silent with tears in my eyes, praying so deeply with my heart, the same prayers that these what these kids were sharing with their voices.  And adding, “Please provide what is needed to bring this little girl home…and help me be patient”.  The promises of prayer and support from these kids, and they are, just kids…just continues to show…

You are loved…more than you could even imagine!


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