One Month

    It has been one month since my first post.  And though a lot HAS happened in that month, I also feel like it’s been the LONGEST month EVER!!!  And I know there is still so much ahead.  I missed a few weeks of blogging because, honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed with how quickly everything was moving at the beginning of May and then…waiting, and waiting, and waiting… It’s quite a frustrating roller coaster sometimes.

     Anyway, I promise to be better.  I’ll post more often to let those of you who are checking in know how things are going. =)
     I have made good use of my time waiting, though.  I am simply waiting for the final draft of my home study to be ready to send in my USCIS paperwork and send all of my dossier paperwork to be apostilled and then on it’s way!   One little piece of paper, a letter from the psychologist, is holding EVERYTHING up. UGH!!!  
     But there is an end in sight. I will have that paper in 3 days!!!  Then my SW can finish the final draft of my home study report and then that report can finally go to USCIS and then I can get fingerprints done and then I can get shiny stamps on the rest of all that paperwork and then I can send that puppy off to it’s destination and then I can get a travel date and THEN I can kiss this sweet face for the first time.

This face is just waiting as well.  Waiting for someone to love her.
(Or, waiting to find out how very much I already love her, really!)
And so we wait…3 more days…(for now)…


  • Bethany

    Hi! I found your blog a few weeks ago through Reece's Rainbow. I hope you don't mind if I "tag along" on your journey–I'm a single gal myself and seriously considering adoption in a couple of years when I finish school. I'm praying for you and your lovely Lizzy!


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