One World One Love Puzzle Fundraiser

Alright, things are moving along, I’m about to send in the next set of papers and will soon after be getting my first travel date.  Which so OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. EXCITING!!!  

But, as exciting as that sounds, it is also a bit scary because, this whole process costs a pretty penny!  And though my brother has been rocking the town selling bracelets (and is still going…seriously, we’re talking energizer bunny when it comes to raising $$ for his niece!)  there is still A LOT to be raised.  

So, as with the rest of the process, the fundraisers are moving along as well.  
This is a puzzle that was purchased to hang in Little Bear’s room. 
 It’s pretty perfect if I must say so myself!  

The puzzle fundraiser works like this…

You buy one (or more) puzzle pieces for $5 a piece.  I write your name (or a word of encouragement if you chose) on the back of the piece(s).  Then as pieces get purchased, I put the puzzle together.  
Once all of the pieces have been purchased, there are 252 by the way,  the puzzle gets framed in an open frame (so you can see both sides) and goes in the Little Bear’s room.  That way, she has something to forever remind her of all of the people who helped her be free from that rotten orphanage!

Sounds pretty easy right…right!  
So, let’s get to it.  
$5 buys you one puzzle piece.  
Pretty simple task for such a big reward…

You can use either the chip in button or FSP link on the right, to make your donation.  And, if you would please leave a comment with the name or word of encouragement that you would like on your piece, that would be helpful.


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