Sombreros, Lampshades and Horses

    Saturday was successful in so many ways…  The Yard Sale went off without a hitch. The weather was perfect, the crowd was steady and the cash was flowing!  Prayers for a great day were answered!!  My friends and family were AMAZINGLY helpful… 90% of the items were SOLD!!!  And the drop off of leftovers to Goodwill was one quick trip!  Yep, success!

   Friends lent the use of their garage and driveway, which was great, and the use of themselves, also great!  Both super helpful and super entertaining…

dan front…who would have thought that displaying items in such unique ways would get them sold. 


     My family was also super helpful, after baking for days to sell goodies, making baskets full of bracelets, making multiple trips to load and unload items, they also spent the morning selling and sharing about Little Bear to anyone and EVERYONE!!                                          

kyle one

                        And, remember those youth 

                          that you’ve heard me talk 

                                    about before? 



Well, they were at it again…selling, selling, selling, wandering the neighborhood to bring in more customers and then selling some more.
   There was even a little friendly competition which involved a lovely Sombrero and lunch…yes, craziness is included when these kids are around to help out!   But there was a winner and L is a pretty great beneficiary of said winnings.
    On top of the greatness of being able to share L’s story and stories of orphans around the world, I got to share with a visitor who has horses and was also very interested in the world of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.  This Mama may have finally found a barn to spend her free time at.  (I know what you’re thinking…free time?) Anyway, it was an all around EXTREMELY rewarding Saturday in September.

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