Loose Change for Lizzy

      For the month of October, we are holding…‘Loose Change for Lizzy’.  I will be passing out cups… placing them at local business, sharing them with friends and family, putting one on my own desk… to gather ‘loose change’. (you know, those extra coins from your pocket, the change from your drive through lunch at Chick-fil-a, the ‘found’ dollar at the bottom of the dryer).        
      I’m positive, if L could tell you herself, that the biggest birthday wish she’d have is to be busted out of that darn orphanage (and that is certainly MY biggest birthday wish for her!). Isn’t cool to think that YOUR loose change could help make that happen!!  

      This are the cups that I’m sharing.  They are for ‘kids on the go’.  I’d say that is a pretty good description of the Little Bear. 
 On the go, from an orphanage…On the go, home
Plus they are orange and can so easily be transformed into pumpkins for the perfectly pumpkiny month of October!
 If you would like me to send you a cup, please give me your address and it will be at your door in no time.  Or if you already have a container to use and would simply like the picture to add to your collection device, I can email that instantaneously!  (Isn’t technology wonderful!)   
I am also sharing a little ‘blurb’ to go with cups being left in businesses and for people who really wonder ‘What IS this all about?’.  If you would like me to include a sheet of these ‘blurbs’ to share as well, please let me know.  I can add a sheet when sending your cup or in an email.  You can feel free to copy and spread around as wanted.
The pages look similar to this…
…but are adjusted slightly to explain the ‘Loose Change for Lizzy‘ fundraiser 
and come 4 to a page!

You can fill up your cups for the ENTIRE month and at the end of October, we’ll gather them all up (and the change inside), add it all together and share the total that will to go towards busting L out of that orphanage and giving her the chance to enjoy the rest of her birthdays at home with her family!

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