Jewelry ROCKS!!!

This post is not really related to Down Syndrome (or well, maybe it can be…) and is not one of the two originally planned fundraisers for a little girl turning two this month but…it is fun news.

A friend of mine is co-partners in a jewelry business and also has a daughter with Down Syndrome (who I have determined is going to be L’s future BFF…) Her business is called ‘Jewelry Rocks’.  And for L…it did just that.  Rocked all through the month of September as part of their earnings were shared towards Little Bears ‘break out’ costs. 

The jewelry is pretty awesome! You should check it out at….
It was very nice to see L’s FSP take a nice jump in one day! 
And to know that the people behind that jump, aren’t helping ‘just because’, but are helping because they realize how special L is and already love her a lot even though they have never met her and how much it will mean for her to get busted out of that ol’ orphanage and have a family of her very own. 
Thanks Jewelry Rocks,

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