Day 2….Spiders

Yep, you read that correctly, on this second day of November. Day 2 of giving thanks, I am thankful for spiders.  Pink ones to be specific and to be even more specific, pink ones that go in your ears.  
(HA!…fooled you all!!  Like I’d ever be thankful for real spiders!)

And in addition to the pink spider earrings, 
I’m thankful for the person who sent them.  
I have know idea who that someone is (well, I take that back, I know they are currently adopting or have adopted an orphan from another country)  (oh, and the person is also a ‘she’)  But this person signed up to be a ‘Secret Sister’ for other women who are adopting and just sometimes needing a little pick me up throughout the process.  As it’s a LONG process and though EXTREMELY rewarding, can be very frustrating at times.  
So she sent me these little earrings, because pink is my absolute favorite color and spiders are the thing that I fear (HATE) the most.  Her words- “it would be a symbol that in all the bad things that come with this adoption business, there is always good! Some of the things we hate the most and are most taxing to us bring us the most good!”  (I bet she didn’t think she’d be quoted here!)  
And how true that is, I’m thankful that these little spiders remind me every day, that even through all of the frustrations and bumps along the road in this process, my beautiful daughter will be the pot of ‘pink’ at the end of the rainbow.
Today, I’m thankful for pink spider earrings and
   a super ‘Secret Sister’…

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