Day 3….Junior Mints

I know it’s not Christmastime yet, and I am a big one for wanting to let Thanksgiving have it’s day, (I wanted to plug my ears while in Michaels today and the Christmas music starting playing… ahhh… too early!!!) BUT Christmas candy (and other unmentionable items) are starting to appear on store shelves.  This means only one thing!  PEPPERMINT CRUNCH Junior Mints!!!  I must say, Junior Mints are by far my favorite candy EVER, but the extra peppermint crunch that gets added to the rich dark chocolate shell during the Christmas season is just pure joy.  And because Christmas is next month (uh, what!?!) this delicious little box of candy can be purchased and enjoyed for the next 8 weeks!!
So today, Day 3, I’m thankful for Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints and the little bit of happiness in every crunchy minty bite.

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