Day 4….Orphan Sunday

Today is called Orphan Sunday. (The entire month of November is actually Adoption Awareness Month!)  On Orphan Sunday, people all over America make a stand for the orphan.  
Sharing and praying.  
You can read more about Orphan Sunday by clicking the link below.

                                                                           On THIS Orphan Sunday, I am thankful for a couple of things.  I am thankful for families who turn these kiddos into ‘one less orphan‘.  I’m thankful for individuals who pray for those families.  I’m thankful for individuals who pray for those orphans who are waiting for their turn to become a part of a family.  I’m thankful for organizations that provide medical care and offer gifts to children waiting in orphanages.  I’m thankful for organizations and individuals who offer monetary support to orphanages and to families working hard to bring their orphan home. 

I am thankful for this organization….

P.S.  Pay close attention at about 3:44 in the above video!

And I am especially thankful for this particular orphan, who one day (soon) will become an orphan no more…

    I’m thankful that she will soon know the love of a Mama  She will soon learn what a family is. She will soon experience the feeling of a hug. She will soon know what life outside of a crib, outside of an orphanage, is like.  
And I’m SO thankful to be able to be a part of the rest of her life.
And just for an added bonus…a few more orphan faces, just for your viewing pleasure…

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