Day 5…..’And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…’

I know I mentioned a few days ago that I really love Christmastime, but REALLY do like waiting until after Thanksgiving to truly bring out all that is Christmas.  I love Thanksgiving as well, and like to give the holiday it’s ‘day’!  BUT, today, November 5, I have to be thankful for Christmas stockings.  (Sorry Thanksgiving!)

I was given a gift today, or actually L was given a gift today, but I accepted it in her current absence.  Her beautiful stocking is already hanging up (again, sorry Thanksgiving) waiting for Santa to visit next month.  Even though Little Bear won’t be here to see her stocking full of goodies this year, the goodies inside will be waiting for her to open and explore when she gets home.  

Our family stockings

My Grandma made stockings for everyone in my family. As each new addition joined (kiddos AND spouses), they were presented with a Christmas stocking.  All hand knitted and all with the ideal Christmas colors and Christmas designs and of course, personalized.  I knew, when my Grammie passed away just after Thanksgiving two years ago, that my children would not get to experience having one of ‘those’ stockings, I had resigned myself to the fact that additions to the family from that point on would not have look alike stockings.  (Maybe I should have paid closer attention when she tried to teach my cousin and I how to knit one summer when I was about 12!?!)
BUT after some hunting, L’s Grandma found the right person, some wonderful lady on the east coast, who could knit, and had the right patterns and this is the result.  My daughter’s Christmas stocking, that will hang along side her Mama’s and look just like it was always supposed to be there.  For this, I am thankful today.


  • Unknown

    I absolutely LOVE this santa! As with your family, my great grandmother started the tradition of everyone having there own unique pattern – but this style. I wish I had this pattern! Thank you for sharing you pictures.

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