Day 6….Running

I admit, I can’t believe that I am writing that I am thankful for running.  In reality, I have a love/HATE relationship with running.  I have to give myself a little pep talk while getting dressed in my running attire, which continues as I chose a playlist and leash the dog, and then, when I’m actually 5 minutes into my run, I think I’ve finally got myself all geared up for the next 45 minutes of torture.  

The first 15 minutes are usually not that bad, I get into the groove and am just going right along to the speed of the music playing in my ears.  Then I realize that I still have another half an hour (or more) to go and the pep talk resumes. I convince myself, for 5 minutes, to keep going and then something REALLY crazy happens, I start to enjoy it.  (I know, I said it was crazy!) The ache that starts creeping up my legs, the feeling like your lungs just can’t take one more breath.  It almost becomes like an out of body experience and your moving one foot in front of the other, but it can’t really be you doing it!?!  The sky is so perfect in the morning, the birds are singing.  Some mornings, the ocean is calm others it’s splashing into the sand. It’s a like a little taste of Heaven.

And before I know it, I’ve circled around and am heading back into my neighborhood.  My condo is just ahead of me and I’ve made it.  An hour after initial pep talk and I feel WONDERFUL!!  I feel like I could conquer the world.  My head is clear (as I’ve just spent an hour thinking all of the thoughts that I could). My body is tired in that feel good, I’ve just worked really hard sort of way.  My lungs feel like I could hold my breath for half an hour with no problem.  It’s such a great feeling. By the end of my run, I’m extra thankful for running! 

(Editors Note: This was written AFTER the morning run.  These words probably could not have been written prior to the morning run!)

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