Day 7….Preschool

This fabulous orange folder is full of everything needed to enroll L inpreschool.  YIKES!! and HOORAY!! at the same time!  She will not be starting the day she gets home, of course, but there is a waiting list so she’s getting signed up now and that way, there will be a spot for her when she’s ready.

There are a few great things about this.  First, um, reality check, I am signing up my kid for preschool. Second, she will be get to be in school with her new ‘friends’.  The same kids that she’ll get to play with outside of school and at church! And…. Best of all…. She will be in the same building as her Mama!  I’m so thankful to be able to have a preschool just down the hall.  I’ll be able to check in on her throughout the day, comfort her if she’s too upset, and make sure she is aware that I will always be there (especially in the first few weeks) and will be able to just peek in and watch her grow and learn and experience everything new!  What a treat to be able to be so involved and know that she’s learning while in such a great, caring environment!  

I’m so thankful for this beautiful orange folder and all of it’s fantastic contents!

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