A “whole lotta” Thanks

Well, my whole attempt to ‘keep up’, didn’t work out so well (obviously!).  And I have missed….uhm….15 days worth of ‘Thankful Posts’.  That’s right, I’m a slacker.  Though, a thankful slacker, really.  So here are a few things that have come up in those past  few many days. 

This fuzzy little kitten appeared in my development about 2 weeks after I moved in. He was maybe 6 weeks old and so shy and timid and lonely.  After a few short days, he and my dog quickly adopted each other and have been BFF’s ever since.  (Literally, this cat follows us everywhere on our multiple daily walks and rubs and loves all over the dog.  And the dog will stop and wait for the cat to catch up, or hurry to go ‘say hi’ with a little sniff and lick.) I admit, I now feed this scruffy thing twice a day (even though I really wanted to from minute one)…

….and am thankful to my silly dog for insisting that this fluffy grey kitty become a part of our family.

I have already mentioned my thankfulness for Preschool paperwork and here’s another little taste of that.  These are just a few of the faces that will one day be Little Bear’s classmates and friends.  I got to sub in the ‘Walker’ room at school and it happened to be this sweet boy’s 2nd birthday.  


He brought cupcakes to share with his friends.  They were all very thankful!
A friend and her son made delicious little ‘Thankful’ goodies to pass out.  So, I get to be thankful for other people being thankful! (And for her Grandmother being an excellent baker!!)
I spent a weekend with 8 of our youth at a High School Fusion Retreat.  The purpose of the weekend was to give these High School kids a chance to grow closer to God and their friends.  It was an awesome weekend watching them share and learn and worship.  This young man was there with his church youth group.  During one of our worship times, he was looking around the crowd (of about 125) and looked a little lost, trying to find a familiar face.  He walked over to a certain redhead, put his hand on her shoulder and spent the rest of the worship next to her.  He knew how special her heart is. It was so great to see him interacting and participating with all of the other 100 plus High Schoolers. I’m thankful for this weekend in so many ways.
And last, but not least….
Tiny pink Nike tennis shoes.  Enough said.

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