Who I Am on World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.  3/21.  To celebrate the greatness of individuals who were born with a 3rd copy of their 21st chromosome.

This day has been celebrated for a while but last year, 3/21/2012 was the first year this day was celebrated as an International Holiday.  At the end of 2011, the United Nations General Assembly officially declared this day as World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) and that first official recognition happened last year, 3/21/12!  This year for WDSD, the IDSC (International Down Syndrome Coalition) is running a video campaign titled…

“Who I Am”


Individuals with Down Syndrome are just that….individuals.  They are artists and dancers and singers.  They are friends. They are employees and employers.  They are funny. They are spouses.  They are sons and daughters. They are smart. They are athletes. They are brothers and sisters.

They are loved.

On this World Down Syndrome Day, I’d like to share this face….
 Though she waits for her family on the other side of the world, 
she is so loved on this side of the world.  

She is a daughter and a sister and I am a mother.


  • Unknown

    Goodness that picture of Lizzy is just pure cuteness! Is she in Russia where you will not be able to get to her at this time? If she is, I am just so so sorry and so heartbroken for you. I have been following and supporting your journey. Lizzy is one of the first little ones I came across on Reeces Rainbow and have prayed for her since. She is so loved by you and we will not stop praying for her and you.

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