I get to be the one…

I’ve toyed for a bit on how I would share this news.  
It’s a little bittersweet, but I am truly excited to be sharing!!  
So, without further ado….
I’d like to introduce you to….
Hmmm….I know her adorable face is hiding and hopefully soon I will be able to share it with you.  But I can share that she is 2 (about 6 months younger that L.  So when L eventually does get to come home, her little sister will only be littler for 1/2 of the year!)  And she’s got big brown eyes and dark, spiky hair (she’s little, it’ll grow!) and squishy cheeks and perfect little piggy toes.
   She’s absolutely beautiful and….

‘Seraphina’ is a code name of sorts.  Her country in Latin America doesn’t want her information to be shared publicly until a bit down the road.  Sometimes I might refer to her by this code name or sometime by ‘J’ which will be her name when she comes home.  It’s the American version of her name and pretty fitting if I do say so myself!  It means, “God will add”…perfect right!?!

I want to share that this does NOT mean that I am in any way giving up on bringing L home. God’s plan is just leading me down a beautiful side road and someday (even if it takes a couple of years!) I will have two daughters to share my home with.  ‘Seraphina’ needs the love of a mother and I have that love to give.  She has spent the first two years of her life living in an orphanage and deserves to have a family to call her own.  I’m just the lucky one that God put on the path to be able to be that ‘family’.  

So, the ‘Whatever You’re Doing’ song from my last post….
well, this is what God was doing.  
He was leading me to my daughter.
The current theme song
‘I get to be the one’ by JJ Heller
 Just listen to the lyrics.   


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