It takes a village…

Everyone has heard the saying
“It takes a village to raise a child”.   
Well, I think in the world of adoption, that phrase could 
be edited to say
“It takes a village to ‘bring home‘ a child”.    
It takes a host of villagers to pray that the process will continue to move forward, to pray for the means to take the next step, to help provide those means to take the next step, to rally their neighbors and help the village grow so that there are more supporters, more prayer warriors, more people who for one reason or another feel called to be a part of giving a future to a tiny little thing with squishy baby feet and a giant smile!
(sighif you could just see that smile…)
I don’t have the words to thank the village of people who have recently given their all to help bring J home.  The number of people who have shown how much they love a child that they’ve never met, that some (who I don’t even know) may not ever meet. Yet, they gave freely and willingly of their time, their finances and their hearts.  
Over $10,000 raised in UNDER 48 hours. 
I am continually reminded to trust God in this process.   
“Mountain-moving faith is unselfish, undoubting, and unqualified confidence in God.  It is believing in God’s truth and God’s power, while seeking to do God’s will.” It’s like He was saying,
 I want you to know that you have unimaginable power available to you through your faith in Me. If you sincerely believe, without doubting, it shall happen, and you will see great powers of God at work.” 
I don’t think I will ever be able to explain to this little girl how much she is loved by so many people. 
Her own amazing village….

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