Mark 9:37 – Adopt Colombia t-shirt fundraiser

Mark 9:37
“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”

There is an amazing organization called Fund the Nations that provides t-shirts to “help change the world.” They started off as a place to help raise money for missions and now have helped people going to over 150 different countries, cities and states, adoptive families, churches and world-wide organizations!

For the month of October, you can purchase t-shirts to help raise funds for Josie.  Simply buy a t-shirt and over 50% of the cost will go toward Josie’s adoption fees.  The t-shirts are $20 each (which includes shipping) and the design is pretty great!  The t-shirt comes in light blue or green, has the words 
Adopt Colombia and the verse Mark 9:37 printed inside a map of the country of Colombia on the front.  

Here’s how it works:

    You choose the green or blue shirt and what size you’d like (S-XXL), pay $20 here (Give Forward is amazing!) and then your shirt will be delivered to you.  I will actually order the shirts from Fund the Nations, once I have received orders for at least 13 shirts (if it’s close, I’ll wait until there are 25 as the % is a little higher then!!).  Once the shirts arrive, yours will either be hand delivered (if your local) or
mailed right to you (if you’re not!).  
PLEASE make sure you’re address is correct when ordering!

(Got it?  Shirt color, green or blue, and size, s-xxl…it’s that simple!  Go order!)

You can order your shirt by clicking the link above (pay $20 here) or by clicking on the
 Give Forward ‘Adopt Colombia’ button to your right.
Once your t-shirt arrives, be sure to wear it proudly and help raise ‘A-WEAR-NESS’ 
for adoption and Down syndrome.
Josie thanks you!
And now, here are the amazing designs:
                         Green ‘Adopt Colombia’ shirt                          
Blue ‘Adopt Colombia’ shirt
Pretty great right!?!?    …those Fund the Nations people are awesome!

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