Climbing Mount Everest

This spring, in March to be exact, a young man became quite well known.  At just 16, Eli Reimer successfully climbed the 17,598 feet to Mt. Everest’s Base Camp.  Though he was not quite the youngest to ever make this accomplishment, (being bumped only to second by a 13-year old in 2010) this was pretty amazing because he accomplished as a 16 year old, what I (and millions of other adults) have only ever dreamed about.  And to be completely honest, I bet most adults really don’t actually dream about it, because there is not a chance that it would or could ever happen! 

Eli’s parent’s, Justin and Tamara, had founded The Elisha Foundation in 2005 to pursue Christ-centered transformation in the lives of people impacted by disability around the world.  The Elisha Foundation was named after their son, Eli (Elisha) who happens to have Down syndrome.  The fundraising trek up Mt. Everest was a fundraiser for their foundation.  $100,000 was raised by Eli’s fearless endeavor.  

You can find out more about Eli’s journey up Mt. Everest and find out the amazing things that The Elisha Foundation does by visiting their website, The Elisha Foundation

I love this little blurb from the website in regards to their Mt. Everest Trek:
“The Trek was a resounding success in every aspect. We had prayed that this adventure would be a platform for the gospel and to show God’s good design in disability. In the months leading up to our departure our Team’s efforts were producing opportunities to share about God’s grace and goodness in disability. Many of the friends who stepped up to support the Trek were being exposed to the heart of disability and the Christian faith. What an amazing opportunity for our Team! From the Trek launch last year, through our time on the trail, and, now, with all of the thousands who have been touched with this “story” God has faithfully made His name known through His purpose in this adventure.”  

I especially like the phrase “God’s good design in disability.”  
My daughter has Down syndrome, but she is just as God intended her to be.  
He designed her perfectly.  And I know that she will have some amazing adventures in her lifetime.  
Will she climb Mt. Everest?  Nah, probably not, that’s already been done…

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