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I’d like to share a post I came across that I thought was pretty interesting.  I happened across Jen Logan’s blog Down Wit Dat by way of another blog.  That is what happens in the blog reading world.  There are quite often links to other blogs within a blog and of course, once you start clicking, you never know where you might end up! 

   Anyway, I read this blog and wanted to share this specific post.  Jen Logan’s entire blog is very well written and there are many many posts that are full of GREAT information, lots of statistics, stories and general truths and myths about Down syndrome (and life in general!)  In this specific post, she shares a list of famous individuals who had a family member with Down syndrome.  It’s really quite fascinating.  Did you know that there was a princess who was born with Down syndrome? So very cool to read…

And if you don’t get sucked in to reading more of her blog, at least check out this recent post.  It has a long list of great news links… very helpful (and again, so easy to get caught up clicking away!) http://downwitdat.blogspot.ca/2013/10/in-news-september-2013.html

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