A Special Day

Today is a very special day.  
It’s a day for celebration,  for waking up to your favorite breakfast, for getting to wear your favorite dress up clothes.  It’s a day that everyone that sees you gives you extra smiles and hugs, high-fives, and sings just for you.  Today is YOUR day.  Special snacks at school, special treats in your lunch, your favorite dinner.
Friends invited for a party. Balloons. Presents wrapped up with your name on them.  Cake (or cupcakes) with candles just for you to blow out and make a special wish. Ice cream and party games.
It’s a day that only happens once a year (and in a way, only once in a lifetime.)

Today is a birthday.  
A 3rd birthday.
It’s a day that a three year old little girl should get to celebrate with her family and her friends.
Happy Birthday was the title of my post one year ago.
I wrote that last year would be her last birthday spent alone. And how different this year would be. 
Wrong.  I was so very wrong.
Today my Lizzy Bear turns three.
Alone. again. with no end in sight.
I continually pray that someday, she will know the love of a family.  That she will have the love of a Mama.  She will get to celebrate a day that is all about her.  Someday.

But today, an ocean away from where she is stuck, she has presents waiting and a balloon.
Cupcakes with pink frosting.
I will celebrate her on this day, even when she can’t. 

You can celebrate, too.
You see there is another little girl, a Colombian princess,
who also has never gotten to celebrate her birthday.
There IS an end in sight of her time in an orphanage.
She IS coming home..
to be able to celebrate every birthday for the rest of her life, with her family.
And you can help her get home.

 I’ve shown you her beautiful smile and her squishy little hands.
My wish on HER birthday would be, to be able to show you a picture of her first day out of that orphanage.

There are a few ways you can help celebrate Lizzy’s birthday 

and in turn help Josie get one step closer to a homecoming.

Right now there is a t-shirt fundraiser going and for $20 you can get a pretty cool shirt. You can get more information
by reading this post –

You can simply donate to “Seraphina’s” grant at Reece’s Rainbow.
“Seraphina” is Josie’s code name to help protect her identity.
(Maybe $3 for a three year old birthday?)

Prayer is ALWAYS needed.  Pray for things to keep moving forward in this adoption process.  Pray for patience on my behalf. (I’m at a point that the next few things to happen are totally out of my hands…and that’s HARD!) Pray for the people who are in control of the next steps!  Pray for my girls. For Josie to continue to stay safe and healthy in her last few months at that orphanage and for Lizzy….
Just pray.
God knows what is needed.

You can purchase a bracelet made by my younger brother, Josie’s uncle.

If you would like one of these great handmade bracelets, just drop $3 into “Seraphina’s” grant or GiveForward page.  Just be sure to leave a note with color preference and your address!
And last but not least, I had started a puzzle fundraiser for Lizzy over a year ago.  The puzzle is about 1/4 of the way complete.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to finish that puzzle in honor of Lizzy, for her little sister to have a chance at a family?!? What a great birthday present! 
To ‘purchase’ a puzzle piece, again just put $3 into “Seraphina’s” grant or GiveFoward page.  
This time, be sure to leave a little note with your name or a special word or phrase 
to be written on the back of the puzzle piece!

I hope you’ll join in the celebration!
 And help bring one little girl home,
in honor of another one who is stuck indefinitely.

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