No Tricks, just Treats

This past week has flown by.  October itself was a pretty busy month but this week was CRAZY!!  We had pumpkin patch field trips, more visits from the preschool, Halloween parties, costumes multiple days in a row and sugar….oh gosh, the sugar!
    Wednesday night was Trunk or Treat at my church.  It was so great to see everyone come out and get their trunks all decorate for kiddos to come get some tasty treats.  The costumes were so good.  There were princesses, doctors, Spiderman, Captain America, Batman (in many sizes), witches, Strawberry shortcake, cowgirls, a few Jedi warriors and so, so, many more adorable kiddos wandering from car to car (and back around again!)  It was fun to see so many of my preschoolers wander by, though they were terribly confused as to why I was not ‘in’ school and why “I” was all dressed up in costume. (go figure!)  I had to remove my Carebear nose and ears (I was cheer bear and my trunk, the rainbow castle in the clouds) many times to make it clear that I really was, the real ‘Miss Sarah’.  They can be so silly sometimes.
    One of the families that stopped at my trunk had just adopted their 6 week old baby girl from out west.  She was so adorable all dressed in pink!  It was a bit of a bittersweet visit though.  This couple had stopped by our pumpkin patch last year, where there had been donation can and bracelets to sell to help fund-raise for Lizzy’s adoption.
   They stopped by this year, fully expecting to be able to meet my little Russian princess and find out how she was doing.  But of course, things changed.  It was so nice to be able to talk face to face with someone who had recently gone through the process and understood how difficult it was, yet so rewarding and amazing at the same time.   She also said (without me needing to even ask) that she’d be praying for Lizzy, specifically for her to know that she was loved, not just by some human on the other side of the world, but by her Heavenly Father.  It took everything I had to not stand there and cry.  It was so nice for someone to understand that, really, as hard as it is to know she can’t be here with me, that THAT is the toughest part of that whole terrible mess.
    She was so happy to hear about my switch to Latin America and said she’d be praying for a smooth process this time around and hopefully would be back next year to see Josie running around, all decked out in her little Halloween costume, bouncing from trunk to trunk.   I, of course, agreed and have spent the last 2 days searching ‘family’ costumes online.  There really are sooo many GREAT options for a tiny girl, her mama and a car trunk….but I guess I’ve got a year to get it figured out.  (but really, so many ideas, I might just have to create a Pinterest board for next year’s Trunk or Treat…)

And I think after such a crazy week, an extra special treat is deserved.
Here you go…this treat will last for one.weekend.only.
As of Monday morning it will disappear (so I guess maybe there is a little trickery involved!!)


(edited….  As I said, the treat that was posted above was only for a very short time.  I hope everyone who saw it enjoyed that smile!   Maybe there will be another treat later on…)

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