Grateful – Day 3 & 4 – Silly things

I love straws.  I know that’s silly, but I do.  To drink with, I mean.  Though I am game for a good straw craft and I have actually given a bag of straws as a birthday present.  (And it was probably one of the favorite presents opened at that time!) But really, I love using straws in my drinks.  I love the plastic cups with lids that I can put my lemonade or water in and I always use a straw when I go out to eat.  Which mostly happens on Sunday, after church.  This past Sunday, we went to a little local place for lunch (mmm, best broccoli rice casserole in a 50 mile radius!!).  I love the food at Barbara Jean’s but one of my favorite things about this little place is their straws.

 They are ALL bendy straws.  
It’s not just the option for the little kid cups or something that you might have to ask for.  
 It’s the norm and I love it. 
Silly, I know, but I’m okay with that.  
I can’t wait to be able to introduce Josie to bendy straws!
 Bendy straws are just one of the millions of silly things that I am anxiously waiting to share with my girl. I’m pretty sure there’s a little bit of sass in the tiny bundle that she is and I can’t wait to be able to watch her find her silly side.  Making silly noises (I bet she’ll be a pro at blowing raspberries!), creating silly dance moves, laughing at silly animals (cats chasing their tails, puppies running around the park) and other silly kids, blowing bubbles in milk cups with bendy straws (messy, but everyone has to try it at least once)… 
I could go on and on.  
 I am so excited for all of the silly moments of getting to be a Mama!

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