Catching up on being thankful

You’d think it should be easy to quickly post one thing that I’m thankful for each day.  Find a few spare minutes share a ”I’m thankful for  _______ today” and move on.  But apparently it’s not as I just can not keep up! (and it’s only.day.8!)   I think my problem is too many things to be thankful for and I can’t pick the best for the day (which is a good problem, I guess).  (I also get distracted too easily when I’m sitting at the computer….emails to check, messages to reply too, paperwork to finish, etc.)

I’m catching up on days 5, 6 & 7 in this post. 
(I am aware it is November 8, but I WILL post later for today!!)
Tuesday – Day 5 – New Baby
I’m not going to post his picture, because it’s really not mine to share, but some friends had their baby today.  He is ADORABLE!!!  One of his big sisters is in my preschool and has been in my room since she was just a few months old. Of course, she’s only 14 months old now but they grow so quickly.
(Oh, how her little world is about to change!!!)
 Baby Will was born in to a great loving family, with such awesome parents and 3 older siblings who will love him dearly!!  I’m so excited for them and their new addition.
Welcome to the world, Will.

Wednesday – Day 6 – This kid

I have known this boy since the day he was born. (really even before he was born!)  He’s such an adorable little squirt.  I’ve seen him learn and grow for 20 months and hope to get to be a part of his life for a long time.  I can’t wait for J to get to be friends with him and to watch them play together.  I hope he’ll show her the ropes of how to ‘hang out in the office while mom is working’, keep an eye on her at school and not let those bigger kids pick on her, and  help teach her how to be an ‘island kid’. 
I took him home after our Wednesday kids night, so his mom could enjoy a little time away and he made me smile the entire night.  He’s such a ham!!  I hope he keeps his goofy personality forever (as long as it doesn’t get him into trouble when he gets bigger!!)

                                 Love this face! (and the constant motion)                                                                                  

When a 1 year old is walking around holding the phone to his face saying “cheese” and then brings the phone over and squishes his face next to yours to say “cheese”.  You have no choice but to indulge in a few ‘selfies’.

Day 7 –  Giggles

I wish I could put a sound clip in with clips from my day.  I spend my days with little kids.  Part of my day is spent with little babies.  I love floor time.  Getting to just play and explore. Those babies learn so much when the big people just get down on the floor and play with them! And I LOVE to play.  We stack blocks and fill buckets (just to dump them out and fill them up again).  We read stories and sing songs. We make silly faces and noises, we tickle and laugh, throw balls, blow bubbles, crawl (or walk) around and around and around, pushing boxes, chasing toys. And the giggles that come from some of those babies…
it will melt your heart EVERY time. 
I get to spend the other part of my day with bigger little kids. (Mostly older One’s and Two’s.) 
And still Love.To.Play!! 
Their imagination is starting to show, they can tell such stories but really have no concept of what they are actually saying.  We play inside with kitchens and dollhouses, farms, garages, trucks and blocks.  Puzzles are an all time favorite.  Books and music.  And I am positive that it doesn’t matter how old you are, bubbles are still wonderful.  We play outside on slides and bikes, running, jumping, chasing.  They love to ‘flip’ and spin and ‘fall’.  Sometimes I come home at the end of the day and wonder why I’m so sore, “I didn’t even work out today”.  And then I remember little voices saying “my turn” over and over while they waited to be picked up and turned upside down or spun around or held as they ‘swung’ from the monkey bars.  Going up the stairs and down the slide, again and again and again. It’s the giggles that get me every time.  How can you say no to a happy giggling 2 year old?  It’s pretty darn impossible. 
(And I’m pretty sure they ALL know that their giggle is my weakness.)
I am so thankful for those giggles and smiles and to know that soon, my daughter will get to enjoy that play time right along with all of her silly, giggling new friends!


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