Thankful Weekend

This was such a good weekend! Quiet, busy, fun, relaxing…all at some point!

We celebrated my oldest, little brother’s birthday Friday night and our mom went full out in party prep.  First, I must clarify that sometimes, my family can be a little ‘nerdy’, for lack of a better word, but I love them anyway and it’s okay, nerds are awesome people.  They aren’t that way all the time, just once in a while! (and this may or may not have been one of those times…)

My brother is a huge LOTR fan and consequently, a Hobbit fan.  He was given the extended special edition version for his birthday (it came in a fancy box with ‘stuff’…really pretty cool!).  And so to ‘celebrate’ his birthday we had dinner and watched the new release.  My mom made a party fit for a king, or really a dwarf or hobbit in this case.

This was my brother’s invitation to his ‘party’.

                And our way to know which house to gather at.
 (If you’ve watched the movie or read the book, you’ll understand!)

   And the food… so much food.  Every dish was geared toward the movie and how the hobbits ate. And EVERY dish was delicious!! Tolkien and Jackson would have been proud.  There was Lembas bread, fruit, pickles, eggs, cider and ale, chicken, pork pie, apple tarts, Belladonna Took’s seed cake.  I don’t think I’ve eaten that much at one meal since, well, I can’t remember when! 

A delicious staple when going on an adventure!

Even the dwarves   were present. 

 I’m so thankful for brothers!

  I also got to spend a day at The McGladrey Classic PGA Golf Tournament.  Our little island is pretty well known for it’s golf courses (and resort!)  And every year the Seaside course is home to this PGA tournament.  The weather was PERFECT!! and the scenery was gorgeous…as usual.  I love having an island full of tourists (90% of the time anyway)  It’s so fun to see the little island alive with activity.  (Of course, it’s always nice when they all go home and we can have our Village and beaches back!)  This has been a particularly busy couple of weeks, with Halloween/Trick-or-Treat, the county fair, the GA/FL game and now McGladrey.  Next week will seem SO quiet.   I’m so thankful for people visiting our community to keep our local shops running year round and at the same time, so thankful for the peace and quiet between tourist ‘seasons’.

Brian Gay, Brian Hartman and Matt Every walking the green

Matt Kucher teeing off at the 11th hole

Celebrating our Military at every hole.

It was a pretty great weekend….and I’m always thankful for time well spent over the weekend!

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