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My girls are famous (I mean they kind if were already) but this week, they made the local news! A reporter from our local Brunswick Newspaper contacted me wanting to do an article on the Russian adoption ban & Lizzy and switching countries and now bringing home Josie.  Of course, I jumped at the chance.  What a better way to share about adoption during National Adoption Month.  The reporter did an amazing job.  She touched just enough on the hard parts of adoption, including the ban but also focused on the great parts of adoption… giving children a home, being able to be a parent, getting to share your love.    One of the best parts about it, is the fact that people are a little more open to asking about adoption and how the process is going.  One of the comments I’d made to the reporter was how I felt so many people didn’t understand adoption, why someone would want to adopt, especially a child with special needs from another country.  But the sad part was, without being able to share and explain, those people will never understand.  I’ve had more inquiries about my adoption process, about Josie (and Lizzy) and just about adoption in general, during this past week, then I have probably had for the past 6 months combined.  People are realizing that adoption is not something that has to be ‘hushed’, orphans don’t need to be ‘scary’.  It’s okay to talk about, actually, great to talk about.  If no one had talked about Josie, I may never have found her.

National Adoption Day was created to be able to dedicate an entire day to raise awareness of the millions of children waiting for a family.
There are so many children in need.  Infants, toddlers, elementary aged kids, teens, children with special needs, siblings.  So many children just waiting for someone to call them son or daughter.
Wanting nothing more than a family.
Josie has a family.  
Working very hard to bring her home.  You can help in that process by supporting the envelope fundraiser….here.  Or by sharing the fundraiser.  
Facebook, Twitter, email…however you can, please share.
Maybe a friend of a friend has felt led to help support the orphan crisis and be a part of Josie’s homecoming.
Here are just a few kids who DON’T have families.  Their files are with a specific agency and they are just waiting for a call. Please, click on their picture to find out more information…

while their agency’s are waiting for a call, these children are simply waiting for someone to notice them.
 Like Josie got noticed.

What a darling boy!! James is 2 1/2 and has Down Syndrome who currently lives in an orphanage in Latin America.  He has over $5,000 waiting in a grant in his name.  If I could bring home two at once, this sweet boy would undoubtedly become Josie’s little brother.  But since that is not a possibility…does he belong in your family?
Look at those big eyes! Lucas just turned three and was born with a congenital heart defect. He is currently in an Asian country, waiting in an orphanage for someone to notice him.  He has already had surgery to repair his heart (but may need another when he’s a little older).  Wouldn’t he make a great addition to someone’s family?



The questioning look on his face says it all.  Does someone love me enough to bring me home? I love this boy and would bring him home tomorrow if I could! (Maybe Josie will have lots of brothers!)  Phillip lives in an orphanage in Latin America and is 4 1/2, and though he does have some special needs, his biggest difficulty seems to be a speech delay.  What a blessing a family who cares would be for this boy!



This sweet girl just turned three this month.  My heart breaks for her knowing that she’s had to undergo surgery in her Asian country while living in an orphanage without a mama to hold her.  Her little face has such a sad expression.  How great would it be for her to find a family and be able to smile and laugh with her parents, siblings and friends. 

“J” and “M” 

“J” turned 12 in July and his younger sister “M” will be 11 in December.  A brother and sister, living in Latin America, that still have so much to offer a family.  And so much to learn from a family.  Wouldn’t it be awesome for them to have a home and a family who loves them as they enter their teen years.  Having parents to love them and help guide them in to adulthood would be so wonderful for these two!

Just look at those dimples!  9 year old Yelena was diagnosed as HIV+ and has a few behavior issues but would flourish in a patient family who was willing to see the potential in this beautiful girl. Her diagnosis is very manageable. While living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe, she has said that she desperately wants a family…are you the family she is wishing for?



Doesn’t this darling girl look like she should be dancing like a ballerina or learning how to play the piano?  At 7 years old, she’s spent her life in foster care, living in the USA.  Yes, with people who are taking care of her, but not a real family to call her own.  What a special gift for a sweet child to have…a real family.  



 Oh my, I think this 6 year looks like he is all boy!  Living in the USA in foster care, gives him the opportunity to attend school where he loves music and playing outside.  But even though he has been given some opportunity for growth, nothing can compare to having a family of your own.  Could you be Joshua’s forever family?

These are just a few of the children wanting homes, there are so many in need.
Do they belong in your family?

I know the sweet baby with this smile, belongs in mine…


I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

John 14:17-19

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