Thanks times 10

It never fails that when I think I can accomplish a post a day for even a short time, it never really happens!  I’ve certainly still been thankful, for both the big and little things, during the past few days that I’ve missed posting.  I was last thankful for going to the county fair…10 days ago.  So, thankful times 10…here goes.

17th –  Our church celebrated it’s 75th birthday this month.  (Actually on the 17th!)   It was standing room only!  The ushers had to bring in chairs and then members using those chairs actually gave them up for more people coming in!  People had to park in yards across the street. It was so great to see the church so full of life and praise!  We had our own little ‘party’ in the children’s wing. Cupcakes, music, games. And a few babies who were disappointed they couldn’t eat cupcakes or who chose to just sleep through the entire ordeal.  Such an amazing morning!

 18th – Messy faces – Birthday cupcakes, minute-to-win-it pumpkin game night, and babies who are learning to self feed.  Could messy faces get any better?  (And yes, the finger point says it all!)


19th – Chick-fil-a is not really my favorite place (I know, I’m odd) and I don’t really eat there very often.  Only occasionally when I’m with friends who want to go or kiddos who have free kids meal tickets.  BUT, their yogurt parfait is delish and the milkshakes….Mmmmm.  Every Christmas/Winter they offer the seasonal Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake.  It’s milkshake perfection.  I could easily drive through and grab one on my way into work every morning, and then again on the way home in the evening.  And because it’s ‘dairy’ it is good for you, right?

20th – Messy feet – The gooey feeling of pumpkin squishing between your toes and watching the faces of the youth while digging their feet into the gooey pumpkin, priceless.  The wiggly toes of a baby while trying to paint their little foot and the faces that follow.  I’d love to know what thoughts were running through their head as we squished their chunky feet into the paint and then made almost perfect little prints.  And then turning those little prints into the most adorable Thanksgiving turkeys.  (The chunky baby rolls while creating the prints sure didn’t hurt either!)

21st – Weekday faces                        22nd – Sunday morning faces         23rd-And when the two combine

I love the kids that I get to spend my week with, weekdays, Wednesday evenings, Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and the best part is when those kids that I spend the weekdays with show up on Sunday mornings!!
And knowing that this is the group of kids that my daughter will become a part of makes my heart so happy!

24th – This girl….who has had my heart since the first day that I met her.  I’ve gotten to watch her grow so much in the two years that I’ve known her.  I love that
I am able to be a part of her life and cherish every
moment that I get to spend with her.  She always
brings a smile to my face!

25th – This creature who has decided to take up residence in my community pond.  There has been a great blue heron hanging out in my neighbor hood lately.  I see him often during the day, just chillin’.  And have now seen him many nights, sleeping in the bushes, safe under cover.  He’s pretty magnificent to watch fly around and dive for dinner.  The beauty of creatures like this just hanging out in your back yard….life on an island.

26th – When planned activities work out just as you hoped (or even better!) We have made a few pretty fun activities at school and church over the past week.  I love it when the kids enjoy the activity as much as you’d hoped they would and when the end result is as adorable as you’d pictured.  Our Turkey M&M counting activity was educational and delicious, the footprint turkeys earned a place on the classroom door and the magnetic Christmas tree Advent calendar was a HIT with both the kids and the parents!  Success!

27th – Waking up early, just to be able to lounge on the couch, drink hot cocoa, and watch Christmas movies in the morning.  And knowing that I have an entirely FREE day, AND it’s rainy and windy, gosh, the possibilities of organization, crafting and movie watching…. we’ll see what really gets accomplished.

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