Thanksgiving Day

Today should have been different.  Next year will be.

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate with family and friends.  To really think about everything that you are (or should be) thankful for.  A day to have a feast to help remember all of those special things.  I will be celebrating and I am thankful, but there are 2 key family members missing.  (Not that all of my extended family is in town but they shouldn’t have been here anyway).  Two tiny people, who should be filling up the house with smiles and laughter.

Two pieces of my family that have no idea that today is even a day to celebrate.  I am thankful, but some of my reasons for being thankful are probably very different than the typical…”I’m thankful for my house, my job, food, etc.”  Those are very good things to be thankful for, don’t get me wrong.  And of course, I am thankful for every physical thing that I have, this beautiful place where I live, family close by, friends, a great meal to enjoy with those people in this place.  But today I’m thankful for more, while also trying not to focus on what’s missing. Or rather, who’s missing.

“I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.”  John 14:18

My Lizzy Bear

This is not a new verse to me, I’ve read it, heard it, listened to it, prayed it….over and over and over.  But today I am thankful for it.  I am thankful that even though my daughters are sitting in orphanages in separate countries, waiting, one stuck indefinitely and one simply waiting until all the red tape is cut so she can come home, I know that they will NOT be left as orphans.  I know that their Father loves them and is keeping them safe until the time comes that neither of them will be an orphan any longer.

 I’m not sure what that means for Lizzy.  How long her wait will be to have an earthly family.  But she has a Father, who loves her more than any human could even dream.  And one day, even if she never makes to into an earthly family, she will get to spend eternity with her Heavenly Father.  And for that I am so very thankful.  Even if it is hard for my human Mama’s heart to claim all of the time, I am thankful.   My daily prayer for her is that she knows how.much.she.is.loved by Him. (and me.)

For Josie, she is on her way to joining an earthly family.  She is going to be an orphan no more here on earth. Even though she does have a Heavenly Father who loves her so much, she will also know the love of a family and for that, I am thankful.  Though thankful seems like such a small word for the feeling of knowing that your children are loved so dearly by their Heavenly Father.  It’s the best word I have…

I’m thankful that, even though my post last Thanksgiving was written with the thought that Lizzy would be home this year and she is not, I know she is loved. And I can write another post with the thought that Josie will be home.  And next year year, my brown eyed bunny will be filling the house with smiles and laughter.  Eating turkey and potatoes and green beans and trying her first bite of pumpkin pie.  Sticking black olives on her fingers.  Falling asleep in a grown ups arms after enjoying the delicious meal.  Spending her first thanksgiving at home, with her family.  I’m thankful for ‘next year‘.

I am thankful that things are still moving forward for Josie’s adoption process, despite some frustrating setbacks, slowly but surely, things are going forward.  And I’m thankful, that even though I am not sure how it has happened (and still get anxious about the future costs) every penny that has been needed for this adoption process has been there.  Even if it did require some down to the wire scrambles and lots of begging, every cent has been covered.  That’s a big thanks!!

I really am thankful for my family who has continually supported this process, even though I’m sure they get tired of hearing me talk about this piece of paperwork or that agency or the next step in the process that just never seems to happen.  I know they already love my girl, (both girls) like their own granddaughter or niece and are so excited for her to be home. 

And I am truly thankful for such an amazing place to be able to raise a family.  I know that my daughter will be safe and accepted and LOVED by our community.  SO many people are already very excited for her to be home… and most have not even seen her picture!

And on that note….I am so very thankful for this beautiful smile.
Next year, we can all be thankful for the millions of pictures
that will be plastered all over this Thanksgiving Day post!

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