And the winner is….

First I want to thank all of you who filled envelopes and who shared this giveaway 
(which did result in more envelopes being filled!!)
 A total of $1430 was raised!!  You guys rock!!!
Josie is so lucky to have such an amazing group of people praying for her and supporting her home!
After the 10pm end time arrived, I totaled all of the shares and donations.  Randompicker.com was used, where all of the entries were placed into their spreadsheet.  The site assigns each entry a unique code.  Then the list is sorted randomly and finally a random draw using the codes (not the names) is done.
 The final result was…Penny!! 
Penny will get her choice of one of the four tablets listed in the giveaway. 
Hmmm, what will she choose… Decisions, decisions!!!

If your curious about the site and how the drawing was done, you may click the button below and you’ll be taken directly to RandomPicker.com and the protocol explanation.  You can see Penny listed there as the winner and there is even a spot to double check and make sure you were on the list of entries.
  (In case you’re curious…)

The giveaway is now officially over.  
BUT… if you would still like to make a donation toward Josie’s homecoming, you can continue to fill the envelopes, wouldn’t it be great to eventually get them all filled up!?!  
What a Merry Christmas that would be!!!

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