5 for 5…$5000 for a 5K

I’m sure some of you are tired of reading about fundraising, but it’s a part of this process.  My Josie needs to come home, international adoption is expensive, I’ve run out of things to sell, so, fundraising is how things will get done.  (Unless someone wants to just donate about $16,000…then the fundraising could end…hint hint.)

In the last post, ‘New Year, New Aspirations’, I mentioned that I was preparing to run in an upcoming 5K on February 15. The Bridge Run is completed on a local bridge called the Sidney Lanier Bridge.  It has been certified by the U.S. Track and Field Association as the ‘toughest 5K in Georgia’.  It is held entirely on the 7,780ft bridge, which spans across Brunswick River and is 480 feet high.  The tallest span in Georgia.

I’ve walked it before. 
 A few different times,  just for fun. 
 And it’s not too bad really,  just to walk. 

The view is pretty amazing.  The port is on one side and the river leads out to the ocean on the other side.  It’s really neat when there are boats or large ships traveling the waters while you’re crossing.  
You can see every thing from the top of the bridge. When it’s dark, you can see the lighthouse shining. The moon over the bridge is pretty amazing as well.  The sunshine on the water looks so lovely. The sun everywhere is pretty amazing.  It reflects off of the cables on the bridge and creates some pretty neat shadows.
I will probably be so distracted by the amazing views as I run
that I won’t even notice being tired from the run.   
That’s my hope anyway!!
Here’s the catch to this fun event.  It’s also a fundraiser!  The event itself is held by the local health system and all of the proceeds from the event benefit the Southeast Georgia Health Systems Cancer programs.  BUT… teams (and individuals) can run for their own cause as well.   
This is where you all come in.  In two and a half (short) weeks, our team, Josie’s Joggers, will be running (and walking) over the bridge and back to help bring J home.  Every step along this process has been made to bring a tiny orphan home to her family.  And every step of this 5K will be run (or walked) to raise funds and help with the costs of Josie’s adoption.
If you would like to be a part of Josie’s Joggers, you can register here…
Be sure you register as a team member, NOT as an individual.  You will see ‘Josie’s Joggers’ in the pull down menu.  If you are not local and would simply like to raise sponsors and run in your own town, that would be awesome too!  If you do, please let me know and send pics.
It would be great to have pictures of others running in the results blog post!!
As a team member, you can also get sponsors to donate.  When you join the team, I can send you a sponsorship form with information on how individuals can donate and you can of course refer them here to the blog!
If you would like to be a sponsor, you can donate here.  
You can either donate a flat amount. 
Or if you’d like to donate per kilometer (there are 5) or meter (there are 5000) 
or mile (there are 3.1) you can do that as well. 
 (example, $.01 per meter would equal $50, $5 per kilometer would equal $25, 
or $5 per mile would equal $15)

I will let you know what my official race time is!
And will of course post pics of the race and fun walk!
It’s sure to be a great morning…why not join in?!?

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