Approval of the higher kind

Tears. Happy, Joyful, Excited, Anxious, Tears.  

As I was checking my email at the end of the day and saw my agency’s name, I figured they’d gotten the updated psych information they were waiting for from the new psychologist.  (It was supposed to arrive early this week).  Then, I read the subject…

News from Colombia!!!
(notice the multiple exclamation points!!! *grin*)
I was.not.expecting the actual news inside.  I thought it might have been new pics, or an update on the girl.  Or ICBF had a question about something in my dossier or ugh, were requesting more information. 
(I must have been unconsciously ignoring the multiple exclamation points!)
I opened it.  Knowing the agency was closed and it would be too late to actually return a call but I could at least start on whatever they needed or at least know what I would need to do first thing in the morning.
Congratulations!!! More exclamation points.  This must be good.
 You were approved by La Casa and the ICBF to adopt “Josie”!!!
(she didn’t call her Josie, she used her full Colombian name, which I can’t use here…yet!)
Uh, yea, I slept not.a.wink. last night.  My brain is going CRAZY.  
My stomach is full of butterflies and my heart literally feels like it is going to explode.
No extra information needed.  No more questions. 
“The committee endorses the suitability given to adopt from Colombia…
It is for us a pleasure to welcome the family to “the name of her orphanage”.”
I sat in my living room and cried tears of joy.  I had to read and reread and then reread it again, just to ‘hear’ those words over and over.  And the exclamation points.  I love that my caseworker used multiple exclamation points at multiple times.  I know that she is so excited to have been able to share this news.
I have 10 million things running through my head of what needs to be done now.
My brain is going to be worthless today.

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