My tiny girl with her chunky little cheeks.
Her baby face.  Her bitty hands.
She turns three today. Three.
She will be ‘celebrating’ her LAST birthday alone.
I was really hoping and praying to have been with her for this birthday 
but as I am continually reminding myself throughout this process….it’s all in His timing.
But, I am SO.CLOSE.
Every day it seems there is something else that moves us one step closer.
A letter, a new piece of information, the next set of ‘things to do’ from the agency.  
It’s like that sprint at the end of the race…
I feel like I started sprinting last week and the finish line is getting closer and closer!
The age that she should have pretty good input into the party choice.
I wonder if it would be princesses?  Dress up?  Garden party?  Rainbows?  Ponies?
Maybe a bouncy house?  Face painting? Or a beach party?
Cake? Cupcakes? 
So many choices that she should be able to make.
She should have friends to celebrate with. 
Party games. Presents to open. Treats to eat. Party favors to share.
Giggles and laughter. Birthday pictures.
Exhaustion at the end of a very fun and full day.
She’s not home yet though.  So it will have to wait until next year.
Next year when she has her ‘FIRST’ birthday with her family.
Be prepared, it’s gonna be the best ‘first, fourth birthday’ you’ve ever experienced!!
(We won’t discuss how old FOUR sounds right now!!)
This will be her last birthday without her Mama. Ever.
I’d like to make it the best, last birthday.
Really, that is what’s best.  That this will be the last.
The last time she doesn’t get celebrated on such a special day.

I am celebrating for her today.
Enjoying a cupcake. Hanging her new birthday clothes in her closet.
Placing her new birthday toys on her shelf.
Saving birthday cards in her scrapbook.

She may not realize today, what a special day this is,
but she will know when she gets home,
how much she was loved before she was known.

 Happy Birthday Josie bunny.
Te Amo Mija!!

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