Finish it up – March Miracles

This is a month of Miracles.(not just madness!)  The tagline #marchmiracles has been used regularly around the group where Josie has a grant set up.  Reece’s Rainbow has been raising funds for kids who are waiting for families.  Giving them the miracle of a grant to hopefully help when they get their miracle of finding a family.  

This is a very special month, full of miracles already!  The month started with the best miracle.
My girl’s birthday.
A celebration of the miracle that she is.

March also has another special day.  A day dedicated just for individuals with Down syndrome.
Trisomy 21 is the ‘label’ for the main form of Down syndrome.  A 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome. There couldn’t be a better day to dedicate as National Down syndrome day, than March 21st.   3.21 perfect
March is just a great month!

And almost as special as J’s birthday being this month….
I received Official Referral yesterday!  Truly #marchmiracles are happening all around.

We need one more miracle though… a BIG one.

This is it.  The end is SO CLOSE!  And with the end of the process, brings the end of the fundraising.
(Or at least I’m hoping this will be the end!)  We are down to the final $8000.  That’s it.
I am praying hard for this miracle.  This final monetary hurdle.
The miracle of being able to be ‘Fully Funded’!!

When I think of how much has already been funded in this process and given to help bring this sweet girl home, I feel like $8000 really is nothing.  It’s like tossing a candy bar in your shopping car at the grocery store.  The $5 movie from the discount bin.  Grabbing a chapstick/flashlight/kleenex while standing in the checkout lane.  Picking a ‘just because’ toy from the dollar bin.  Adding that cute stack of post-it’s, those colorful hand towels, or the 4 set of mini bowls because they are 75% now that we are in a new season/holiday/event of the year.

It’s a  little less than 25%.  That means over 75% is already accounted for.  How AWESOME is that!?! 
When I look at it that way, I am just amazed.

The reality is that there IS still $8000 left to raise.  
So here we are, The Finish It Up Fundraiser. 
If successful, the final fundraiser!

I’m praying for our March Miracle.
Do you want to be a part of it?

There are three ways to be a part of our miracle and help
Finish It Up!!

1 – There is a gofundme account set up for Josie’s adoption fees.
The amount needs to read $9764 to be fully funded.
You can click the link and it will take you directly to her page.
This account is not tax deductible BUT these funds are accessible right now.

 2– You can make a donation directly to the placing agency.
The agency that I’m with is a non-profit.
If you’d like to make a donation and send it directly to them,
send me a message and I will share their contact information.
The fees needed for both the agency and in country expenses can all go through them.
They will disburse it all where it needs to go.
This step is tax deductible and funds would also be accessible right now.

3 – I have a grant with Reece’s Rainbow, through their Family Sponsorship Program.
This grant will be given once travel dates are set.
This will be great to have for all of the in country expenses!
This is also tax deductible.
You can click the link above to make a donation.
To help protect the identity of the children that receive grants through Reece’s Rainbow,
they use ‘code’ names for each child.
Josie’s ‘code name’ on RR is “Seraphina”.

 Do you want to be a part of Josie’s #marchmiracle and get her home?

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