Referral – My girl is amazing

This week could not have ended any better.  After a (somewhat quiet) day at work, I arrived home to this most wonderful packet at my door.  Inside contained a very VERY important folder containing the official referral information on my girl.

It’s really nothing I didn’t already know.  Some things made me cry.  Her little life certainly did not have an easy start.  I knew that she had arrived at the orphanage in a unfortunate way, but reading the details breaks my heart. I want so much to just take her in my arms and bring her into a life full of unconditional love and the care that she needs and deserves.  Though I know there will be some work to overcome her start in life. 

Some things in this binder AMAZED me.  My girl amazes me.  I can not wait until she is home and growing and learning.  I just know she will keep amazing me everyday.  One of the ‘requirements’ for the next item I need to complete (or should say needed to complete as it was sent via email to the agency this evening…lets keep on moving!!) is a sentence that describes a ‘positive aspect of the child as shown in the reports’.  My amazing girl is one little (and I do mean little) ball full of positive aspects.  I guess she is not one to let her start in life effect her outlook on life. 

“Her facial expressions draw attention and allow her to interact easily”. 
Yep, I’ve see those expressions.  And got sucked right in!
“She enjoys activities on the seesaw showing happiness.”
I love this statement so much.  Not just because she ‘enjoys the seesaw’ and ‘shows happiness’ but this means that she was ON.A.SEESAW.  If it was only one time and even if it was for a short time.  
My girl got to be happy out of her crib and playing on a seesaw.  
That makes my heart SO happy.
One of my favorites…
“she is calm and tender”
Even with all of the negativity that she has endured in her short little life,
 her heart is still full of love.
So wonderful to be ‘described’ as “calm and tender”.  
She is truly amazing. 
There is so much information in those 14 pages.  And at the same time.  
Three ENTIRE years of my sweet baby’s life only fills up 14 pages. 
You just wait little bunny, I promise that we will fill up page after page after page of experiences,
 new things to love (and dislike), firsts, (seconds, thirds and fourths!), 
and moments that make you happy and feel confident that you are loved.

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