My bags are packed…

After some last minute shopping trip(s), additions and subtractions to the lists, a few loads of laundry,

(I LOVE all of the little pink things that have gone through the wash in the past few days!)

and some packing, unpacking, rearranging and repacking….

the suitcases are full!!

I have stocked up on little toys and fun things for J to do during our stay in her country.  Some snacks for the bunny (a variety of things since I really don’t know what she eats!!) and for me…new country, new foods.  I’m excited to get to try some of the local cuisine but wanted to be sure that I had a little something that I knew I liked before I got a chance to hit the grocery store.
I’ve got the camera, kindle, laptop and phone (electronics covered) and a little crafty stuff. 
(We’ll see if I actually get to touch anything that I brought!)

  Our clothes are sorted.  A variety of sizes for Josie and outfits to cover all the seasons.  I’ve read (and been told) that C almost covers every season in a day.  Cool mornings, warmer afternoons, cool evenings and cold nights.  The hairbows are stowed away.  Everything coordinating and adorable….of course!

 I did toss a swimsuit in, just in case some of those afternoons get a little hot but also have hooded sweatshirts and long pj’s.  If I am desperately in need of something I can pick it up but would rather avoid   expensive clothes while in country!

And the girl apparently has some chunky feet.  Though I’m not surprised.  I’ve seen the pics and video.  They are some pretty adorable squishy feet.  I have the fingernail polish packed.  Those little toes will be getting painted pink at some point during our stay.

I have a few goodies for the staff at J’s orphanage.  A little thanks for taking care of my girl for the first three years of her life.  And a few goodies for the other kids. There are a variety of groups at La Casa.  Some, like J, have special needs and some do not.  I’ve loaded up on colored pencils, paper, crayons, stickers and little party favors.  The staff will distribute as they see fit but I’ve been assured it will all get put to good use!

Her stroller is ready for gate check.  
Her little backpack loaded for her to use and carry-on for the trip home. 


I’m getting on a plane in less than 24 hours!!!!

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