Everyone loves Avon!

I’m on the road (or in the sky, I guess would be a better description).  
The final step has officially begun. 
Here I come Josie bunny!
As I am beginning the final stage of this LONG journey, a friend that I’ve met during the process, is putting together a final fundraiser for my sweet girl.

Natalie brought her daughter, Sara, home from the same country just over a year ago.  It was on Natalie’s blog (http://nataliekeller.blogspot.com) that I first ‘noticed’ Josie.  Natalie was the first non-agency person, to actually learn about my sweet girl.  She was shown Josie’s file while still in country, as a ‘cheer up’ of sorts while waiting for some paperwork.  (You can read all about her process on her blog and she’s shouted for so many other families and waiting children!)  Natalie blogged about my girl and as I was following the final steps in her adoption, I also caught the post about ”Seraphina”.  And the rest is history!

Natalie recently became an Avon representative to help support families in the process.  She uses her commission to help raise some funds for families in need.  
I am leaving the country on a tight budget.  As in, no problems, no extra days, no ‘oops’ allowed.
 I am so blessed to have been able to raise the funds that have been used up to this point and to be able to be leaving the country, even if the budget it a little stretched. 
I can’t thank everyone enough for helping bring this darling girl home.
But, Natalie has offered to host a final fundraiser for me, while I’m in C for the first two weeks, to help with any incidentals that are likely to pop up!
So, here you go.  
I was so happy to get some Bug Guard from another fundraiser that Natalie hosted for a family.
(and it is packed!)
Who can pass up sunscreen and bug repellent in one!?!
(and it smells good and works SO well!)

The sale will run from Sunday, June 1 until Sunday June, 15.
There is a Facebook page set up to help share the event.
You can check that out here
Please check it out.  Shop.

 And share with all of your friends.  

I bet you all have at least one friend who already uses Avon and will want to replenish their stock
 and you also probably have one friend who’s never used Avon and wants to give it a try.
But they’ll never know about the fundraiser if we don’t share the event!!
There are a variety of codes throughout the sale to give you different discounts (sometimes sale items, sometimes free shipping, sometimes % off items)…don’t miss it!!

(I’ll be adding some bathtub paint to our tub fun stash!)

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