Crepes & Waffles (& Ice Cream!)

I know I have a few posts to catch up on.  Some highlights of our trip here…updates on the girl and our process and I’ll get them up soon, I promise. But first…

We took a trip to the big mall, UniCentro, Monday afternoon just for a few things (and to get out of the room for a bit) and also for dinner at a local restaurant called ‘Crepes & Waffles‘.  It had been recommended as a great place to eat while I’m here (by other families and by locals) so we decided to give it a try.

Crepes & Waffles has an interesting story.  It was first started here in Bogota in 1980 and has since expanded into many other countries in South America.  A majority of their staff are female and usually they employ individuals who have faced some adversity and are working hard to make themselves better.  You can read more about the company (and check out some more of the delicious food) at their website.

I can not even begin to describe the deliciousness of the food and the milkshake 
and the ICE CREAM!!!
If you are ever in Colombia and are looking for a place to eat, this was amazing. 
(And the staff was pretty great, also!)  
The kiddos were given crayons and coloring pages…
 and balloons!!!
(They know how to win their way into my girls heart!)
 And bread was brought out right away.
The meals were so delicious and the service was very quick.
And then, there was ice cream.
The kids meals came with an ice cream dessert.
J has not experienced ice cream before.
I think she liked it!

Life got even better when two spoons were involved!

And when it gets too melty for the spoon. Why not just slurp it right from the dish!?!

Mmmm….licking off EVERY.LAST.DRIP!!!
 This reaction…for (almost) EVERY bite!
It’s so delicious, I MUST use two hands!
 It was the best first ice cream tasting EVER!!!

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