Today is a very special day.  It’s a day that my heart is celebrating and aching at the same time.  It’s a day that a special little girl, on the other side of the world, is meant to be celebrated.  She’s meant to be pampered and spoiled and loved and hugged and kissed.  Surprised with balloons and cake and presents.   Today, that special little girl turns four.  Another year older. Another birthday, alone.  I’m sure she’s grown taller, I bet she’s mastered a few more skills.  I hope and pray that today, someone kisses the top of her head and tells her that she is loved.  Tells her that she is meant to be

 She will always hold a special place in my heart.  She has touched lives in a way I’m sure she’ll never realize and she is the part of a much bigger plan, that I will never quite understand, but God knows.  She was the start of something….incredible.  Incredibly beautiful and incredibly heartbreaking.  She is twisted pretty tightly into the path of Josie’s homecoming.  She opened my eyes and my heart.  She was unknowingly placed in a holding pattern, that resulted in another little girl being brought into a family.  Another little girl, who woke up today with a kiss from her Mama, a cupcake for breakfast, a pretty bow in her hair.  Another little girl who will go to school with her friends, spend time with her Grandma and enjoy an afternoon playing with her Mama.  Maybe swinging at the park or walking along the ocean.  Another little girl who will devour a delicious dinner, splash in the bathtub, read books in her Mama’s lap and get rocked to sleep with lullabies.  Another little girl who will get one last kiss from her Mama before bed.  Of course, that first little girl, who gets to be celebrated today, has no idea that those people exist.  She has no idea that she is such an important part of their lives. But… I pray everyday that she will someday find out.  Someday.

Today, we had cupcakes for breakfast.  Her ‘sister’ helped bake them and took some to school to celebrate this special day.  Today, we will swing a little extra and enjoy a little extra time outside.  Today, we will sing and blow out candles.


                               Today, we will celebrate a little girl who deserves to be celebrated.  

And pray that someday, she will get to be a part of her celebration.  

We will continue to love a special little girl, who deserves to be loved. And pray that someday, she will know how very loved she is.  Pray that someday, she will get to feel the love of her family.  

For today….
Happy Birthday, Lizzy Bear! 


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