Full of Thanks for Firsts

November 1st – The beginning of a month of Thankfulness.  I’ve attempted to write a blog post of ‘thanks’ each day for the month of November for the past two years.  This year I’m at it again.  I’ve been a little behind with the posts since we’ve been home, but this is my hope to catch up and blog a little more regularly!  I have SO many things to be thankful for this November…(all the time really)!  I’m certain I won’t have trouble filling each day…as long as I can find the time to post it!

Today, on the first day of November, I’m thankful for many months of firsts!  We’ve experienced so many first times, first tastes, first visits, first experiences, first falls, first climbs, firsts of every kind!  I’ve shared some pictures of firsts, but here are some of my favorites… (warning…this post is LOADED with pictures!!)

First time meeting Grandma & Grandpa. 
Now known as Bamma and Bapa.

 First time sleeping in her own bed….best night ever!

                                                                         First day home.
 First time playing with her own toys,
in her own room.

First time in the pool.
I wonder if she thinks she’s part fish.

 First toes in the ocean (which quickly turned into 
first whole body dip in the ocean)
First jog with Mama.
First toy picked out at the toy store, 
purchased and brought home to keep.

First lick of the beater while making cupcakes.

 First time at church, 
meeting new friends.

 First pink toenails

 First visit to the golf course.

 First cupcake baking at home with Mama.

 First day of school.

First ice cream cone, first swing and first trip to the playground…all in the same day!!!

First visit to the dentist…that little mouth looks good!!

  First attempt at piggie tails.
Her hair is growing so long and beautiful.
First tries using her new walker.  She loves the independence it gives her!

First visit to the ENT…gonna get ear tubes!
First trip to the ophthalmologist…and first time trying on glasses.
You can see how well this first went!

First visit to orthopaedics.
Hips and neck got an A+, legs get AFO’s.

 First visit to the cardiologist.
Found a second defect we didn’t know about,
BUT nothing surgical!!
(This was by far the girl’s LEAST favorite Dr. visit!)

First ‘real’ beach day!
She could spend all day here.
First time standing on her own! 
What a big girl!!
First surgery…
Ear tubes are in and boy what a difference!!

First time seeing a real cow.
Somehow our favorite animal, before ever seeing one?
Her reaction…so scary!!
First visit to Disney World AND first encounter with a princess.  Rapunzel was like a dream come true….all of that HAIR!!!

 First Down syndrome awareness month.

First sick day.
Not a favorite first,
 but there sure were
lots of snuggles.

First movie night (and craft) in PJs!
Charlotte’s Web…talking animals, especially cows,
perfect pick for this girl!!

First bounce in a bounce house.
More like, first ‘flop’ but she still loved it!

First pumpkin picking from the pumpkin patch.                                              Yes, absolutely ‘Cutest in the Patch’!
First holiday party at school.  She loved dressing up for her Halloween Super Hero and Princess Party!

First team sport AND first trophy!  
Buddy Ball was hard work, but she loved running in the dirt and was pretty pleased with the trophy she received for a great season!
First Halloween and Trick-or-Treat.
She had to be a cow.  It’s her favorite.
She asked (signed) ‘Candy’ ‘Please’ at every
house and ‘Thank-you’ after getting over the excitement
of choosing from the bowl full of candy in front of her.
First pumpkin carving.  She LOVED watching us scoop out pumpkin guts (but wanted nothing to do with touching them herself). She thought carving out faces was the greatest idea in the world!

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to be able to experience all of these firsts with this amazing little girl.  Her excitement level is off the charts.  She is the most expressive child and makes each new experience seem like it’s the best day of her life.  (or the worst if heart monitors or EKG machines are involved!)
She is growing so much EVERY day.  Moving, climbing, cruising…she’s become so active and I love it!  She picks up a new sign almost daily and retains what she’s learning after only a few days of practice.  She works so hard to figure things out and is anything but a quitter.  The more she realizes there is for her to explore and learn, the more she seeks to go and do. 
She is so full of life and I am so thankful be able to be a part of that life.  
I love her so much!

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