Sick Days

Let me clarify.  I’m not thankful for being sick or for the fact that anyone needs to be sick to constitute a sick day.  My darling girl woke up this morning (or in the middle of the night rather) wheezing, crying, coughing (trying to anyway) and gasping for a deep breath.  Due to having Down syndrome, she has tiny airways and very low tone.  This makes coughing a challenge.  Which means something as simple as a little cold can turn into something a little more serious for my girl.  It was a scary few minutes for both of us.  She was panicked trying to catch her breath and I hated seeing my daughter struggle.  We have our own nebulizer machine and an ongoing supply of Albuterol (with a never expiring prescription for more!)  She had a breathing treatment at 4am and snuggled back into Mama’s bed.  After a quick call to the after hours nurse, we had an early appointment with the pediatrician. End result – croup.  Yuck.  We left with a steroid prescription and an extra breathing treatment a day.  She’ll be out of school for the week, missing the class trip to the fair.  Not really how we wanted to start our Monday and a new week!

So, what I am thankful for?  Because that certainly doesn’t sound like anything positive!!

I’m thankful for an understanding boss and co-workers who respond to my before 6am texts with, ‘all is good, just take care of your girl!’ 
I’m thankful for friendly and helpful after hours nurses who leave notes to help get your sick child into the office asap. 
I’m thankful for our pink ‘Claw-dia the Cat’ nebulizer. It makes those treatments just a little more pleasant.
I’m thankful for a very good pediatrician who is not super quick to just prescribe medicine but to make sure that every symptom is addressed to make a proper diagnosis.  (And prescribe medicine if needed after a thorough exam!)
I’m thankful for a friendly and helpful pharmacist who offered to bag and carry my items from CVS to the check out so I didn’t have to juggle my goods and my sleeping daughter. 
I’m thankful for parents/grandparents who stop by with ‘sick’ food and special treats, because every little girl needs new books, crayons and comfy socks when they are home sick!
I’m especially thankful that my daughter is home, with her Mama, to be comforted and cared for when she’s sick.  No more sick days alone in an orphanage.  Only sick days snuggled in Mama’s arms from now on.

Who would have thought there would be so many things to be thankful for about a sick day!

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