Bath time (Day 4)

My girl is not feeling so great right now, and it kind of stinks!  Scratch that, it stinks A LOT! She’s in a steroid crazed/sleep deprived/coughing is for the birds kind of mood. She is still trying to play and be happy, but is obviously not feeling good at the same time. It’s heartbreaking for this Mama to have to go to work and leave her….even though I know she is in good hands and having as much ‘fun’ as possible, with “Bamma”.

The one thing that is making her the happiest right now is the bathtub! She loves her time in the water. I’m convinced she thinks she’s part fish, or maybe mermaid?  She’s fearless in the water. Splashes like it should be an Olympic sport, flips, rolls, kicks, scoots.  She has no problem with her face/head getting fully submerged to blow bubbles or simply because she thinks it’s funny to stick her face in the water! She loves to put her head under the running faucet and best of all…turning on the shower while she’s sitting in the water!   She loves to sit under the spray of the shower, some times head tipped up letting it rain down right onto her face! Pure joy!

I’m SO thankful today for the fact that we have clean, warm, running water so my sick, sweet girl can enjoy some happy play time in the tub! Or really, more like, three happy play times in the tub!


  • allyson.scott

    Sarah, I love all your updates on Josie! It still amazes me how much she reminds me of Brielle! Our girly loves bath time, and may swim before she walks. Plus having the shower on is her most favorite!

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