You probably thought this was going to be some deep thought filled post about reflecting on the past, the future, life in general.  Nope, sorry. (Maybe next time?) Today, I’m being literal.  
I am thankful for actual reflections. Two specific reflections.  

This one….
I am so thankful every time I look into my rear view mirror and see this reflection. 
That little face peeking back at me, melts my heart every time! 
And this one….

She LOVES herself in the mirror. Smiles, kisses, laughs, makes faces.  
This is the reaction to ANY mirror that she catches herself in.  Or any surface that might give her a reflection…elevator doors, stainless steel appliances, glass doors in restaurants or grocery stores…if there is a reflection, she needs to give some love to that little girl on the other side.  This is our mirror at home.  (Which she loves extra because she can also climb in/through it!)  She pulls toys over to the mirror or watches herself read.  She stands up and sits, squats and spins.  Her mirror is great therapy without her even realizing it!!  And I love how happy she is making faces to herself and see the smile reflect back.  
I’m so thankful for something so simple that makes her so happy.


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