Family Dinners

   As a kid, we sat at the table and had dinner on a very regular basis.  Talked about our days, joked, laughed and enjoyed the company of our family.  Sometimes there were faces at the ‘yucky’ food we had to at least try, most often the meals were delicious and seconds were often enjoyed.  Sometimes we got to choose a meal.  Mom would let us pick our favorite dish, sides and dessert.  It seemed like such a big deal to get to choose dinner!  There were certainly nights that one parent had a meeting or one child had an event or it was just simply a ‘lazy’ night and we had sandwiches or cereal.  (Which were also fun and kind of like ‘treat’ nights.)   We also enjoyed a meal out on occasion or a carry in from a local restaurant.  Pizza and movie nights were accompanied with handmade milkshakes (and most often the pizza was probably made at home as well!) 
    I have fond memories of sitting at the dining room table with my family.  It’s a tradition that I wanted to share with my daughter.  Actually sitting at the table and enjoying meals together as family.  We do sometimes have to eat ‘on the run’ so to say.  There are also evenings that we eat at church or I am working and the girl is  eating at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  But every Sunday, we all make time to enjoy a meal as a family. 
     My mom enjoys setting up the table, we sometimes eat on my Grandma’s nice dishes just because.  There is usually a tablecloth and the table has seasonal decor.  There are places set for everyone.  Food comes to the table in serving dishes and is passed around for everyone to get a helping.  There are conversations, laughter, jokes, memories.
   Every once and a while, the meals happen at a restaurant or get moved a bit due to occasional obligations.  But it is a tradition that my daughter is learning about.  A tradition that she’ll hopefully remember into adulthood.  And maybe even carry on to her own family one day…
   I’m very thankful for the memories created around the dining table.  I’m thankful for the delicious food we have to put on our table.  And I’m especially thankful that my daughter has a family to be able to enjoy a family dinner with.

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