World Adoption Day (a few days late!)

This post is a few days late.  I know it shouldn’t be this difficult to stay on top of daily posts, but some days really are harder then others.  Sure, I can find the time but as I sit here typing I’m also thinking of the 512 other things that I could or should be doing. (Even if one post does only need to take 10 minutes…so does cleaning the bathroom…)

November is National Adoption month and the 9th was World Adoption Day.  The first one ever!  To celebrate, there was a photo op going around of adoptive families taking pics with smiley face drawn on the palm of their hands.  I loved seeing all of the pics and if my own sweet girl had not been lovingly tucked into her bed and already snoring away by the time I realized this photo op was trending, we would have been on time. But, as it goes, our pic was a day late.  It’s still ridiculously adorable though. 
                                         I mean who couldn’t love this little squishy hand!!

I must tell you I got scolded at first, for writing on my own hand and then a very silly face as she looked back and forth from her hand to mine with smiles faces on them both.
I wasn’t even going to try to attempt getting our smiley faced palms AND our faces all in a pictures. That’s an insane thought in this house! The girlie loved looking at her hand in her mirror and spent a good 15 minutes ‘talking’ to the reflection of her smiley hand! (Sorry, no pictures. I was too busy staring at my adorable daughter enjoying her little moment of joy!)  I am so blessed that this little girl is a part of my life and I am especially thankful that I get to hold that squishy little hand, every day!
 I’m not going into great detail about adoption month in this post, just letting you enjoy a smiley little hand! 
                                         I will share something else though….this handsome boy…

who would love for someone to bring him home, so next year, he could have a smiley face on his hand and enjoy the silliness of his smiley faced palm reflecting in a mirror.  Don’t you want to hold him in your lap and draw a smile on his squishy little palm next November?


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