Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign

  Every November and December, there is a campaign that is run by Reece’s Rainbow to help raise awareness for 100 orphans waiting for families. This campaign is called the Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign or MACC.  During MACC, individuals chose one child to advocate for and raise grants funds during the winter months in hopes that that child will be seen by their future family and that family will also have a small amount of grant money to help with the adoption process.  All of the MACC kiddos have a special need and are orphans living in another country. 
     I have been a Miracle Maker for three seasons now.  My first two kiddos, James and Leigha are unfortunately still waiting, BUT both have some grant money that can be used by whoever the family is that eventually sees them and brings them home! 
     James is a little boy who is the same age as Josie and lives in the same country.  He also has Down syndrome.  There has not been an update on him for a very long time…which is sad.  I’m sure he’s grown into an amazing little boy and would be a great son and brother.  His country is fantastic and I’d be happy to answer any questions someone might have about the process there! If you’d like to learn more about James (or think he might be a great addition to your family) you can find more here.

     Leigha is also from the same country (notice a trend, haha!) and she was my MACC kiddo last Christmas.  Leigha will be four at the beginning of the year.  Leigha’s picture and profile break my heart.  There is so little said about her and her picture is so solemn.  She’s so young and it would be wonderful for her to find a family and get her into some early intervention therapies asap!  She seems like she’d be such a joy, especially after she’s had someone to love her and put a smile on her beautiful face.  Again, I’m always happy to share about her amazing country!  If you’d like to know more about Leigha OR you think she might be the perfect addition to your family, you can find out more here!
    This year, I chose a child who touches my heart on many levels.  Jenny.  She is the same age as Josie, 6. (Actually has a birthday in the first half of the year, so almost exactly the same age!)  She also has Down syndrome, just like Josie.  She is in the same country that Josie was born in and just like Josie was, she’s a photoless orphan.  This means, her orphanage and agency do not allow a photo of her to be shown while advocating for her family.  You can’t see her big beautiful brown eyes, or her sassy little smile.  You can’t see the face of a child and fall in love…until you’ve already fallen in love with the description of who that child actually is.  This makes advocating tough.  It’s hard to share a child that no one can see, but it’s even harder to BE a child that no one can see!  
    Josie was a photoless orphan.  There was no picture in her profile, just words.  And not very many words.  Someone shared her photoless profile and those few short sentences caught my attention.  There might not have been very many of them, but they said something, they shouted at me…”I’m your daughter”.  I know how hard it will be for a family to fundraise and share about their newly found daughter, once they see Jenny.  I know how hard these next couple of months are going to be trying to advocate for her and to raise some grant funds for her.  However, I will never know how hard it was to live for the first 6 years of your life in an orphanage without a family.  And because of that, I will work as hard as I can, as hard as I need too, to raise every last cent and ultimately to find Jenny a family.
    Here are Jenny’s words, she has some excellent, positive descriptors in her profile.  ‘Affectionate’, ‘calm’, ‘loves animals and other young children’.  She sounds like such an amazing daughter.  I bet she’d be a great big sister! 

Girl, 6 years old
Down syndrome, CHD (post-op)
Listed: June 2017
Jenny is a sweet 6-years-old girl with Down syndrome living in a children’s home. Jenny has been described as an affectionate and calm young girl who enjoys playing games and loves animals and other young children. It has been said that nothing brings a bigger smile to Jenny’s face than being able to play with her musical instruments and having others play along with her!
It is reported that Jenny receives therapies to support her speech and development. As a young child, Jenny underwent corrective surgery for a congenital heart condition and currently takes medication for hyperthyroidism and hypertension.
Jenny is in need of a family that can provide consistency, support, and a lifetime of love.
        Jenny touches my heart because I ‘see her’ in everything that we do, all day long.  I watch my 6 year old Colombiana with Down syndrome playing on the playground, or reading books in her bedroom, or playing with her babies or learning with her friends at school or coming to her Mama for a hug and a snuggle and I think about another little girl, in a country just a 6 hour plane ride away.  Another little 6 year old Colombiana with Down syndrome who would love to read books in her bedroom, play with her own babies, go to school with her friends and have a Mama to hug and love.  It kills me to think about the 3 1/2 years that Josie spent in an orphanage but Jenny has now spent 6 1/2 years without a family.  Can we make this her LAST year alone?  Can you share her?  Spread her story around the country so her family will find her.  I would love to be able to share pictures of my 7 year old at Thanksgiving next year and have Jenny’s family also share pictures of their 7 year old at Thanksgiving next year.  What an amazing Thanksgiving that would be!!
    I will be sharing a few different fundraisers that we are doing for Jenny and if you feel led to donate to her grant, you can click here: Miracle of Adoption Christmas CampaignYou can scroll about 1/2 down and find Jenny to donate (or use ctrl+F to find Jenny). ANY donation helps, but for every $35 donation you get a beautiful MACC ornament that you can hang on your tree to remind you about this beautiful girl that is waiting for her forever family to share a lifetime of love. 
    Also here is an easy way to share Jenny’s profile.  This is her link:  https://reecesrainbow.org/119637/jenny   If you copy that link, you can spread her all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…you name it.  The more she’s shared, the higher the chance that her family will see her!  And that is what needs to happen….they NEED to see her!

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