Familiar locations and new places

Almost two years ago, I attempted to revive my blog in it’s own location.  After only a couple posts, it took a seat on the back burner.  We’ve had such a rollar coaster couple of years but I’m going to attempt this blogging thing once more.  I posted our last update – an overview of my girl’s first year home, multiple summers ago.  When I was switching over to the new domain, I started with this post: 
For the past two years, I have been privileged to parent the most amazing little girl.  I often use that word to describe her, I should probably check with a thesaurus occasionally, but she really is A.MAZ.ING!!  I shared a lot of the happenings of our first year together and how quickly she adapted right into our family.  This past year has been such an adventure – We’ve moved, moved again, started new schools, added more friends and explored so many new places.  Josie continues to progress like a rock star.  She’s growing so much, both developmentally & physically – FINALLY…as in, she went from 24 month sized clothing last summer to 3T sizes this summer.. Holy growth-spurt batman!!  She really grew a lot taller and her feet have tripled in size!  (Of course the addition of some fancy new orthotics helped that a little, but 

even with out her “farm shoes”, as we call them, she still needed a new shoe collection over the past winter and into summer!  We thankfully, found a Stride Rite outlet store and the Mama splurged on some great deals.  (Thank- you discounts and clearance sales on already outlet prices!)

Josie has started a few new therapies and is 
undergoing some testing for some probable additional diagnoses.   She’s also had some testing done to rule out some health issues or rather determine what some issues may be and what our best steps to treat are.  She’s handling everything like such a trooper.  With the revamped blog, I will continue to update on J’s health and the changes we are making to improve her health and give her the best possible potential for great behavior!  Josie has been loving our recent move to a bit of a smaller area in MD.  Our move to the state was great for both of us, but we originally landed in a pretty large area.  A little too large for our liking.  We, of course, needed and wanted to be in a larger area that would have better services for the goose but we went from about 12,000 to a population of nearly 112,000.  And WOW, it was a bit overwhelming.  Our recent move, a little further west in MD, put us in the perfect middle of just over 60,000.  We are a quick drive to the major cities and great healthcare options and in a great school district for the girl.  We definitely feel like this is home.
I’m excited for our new adventures here and am looking forward to continuing to share those adventures with all of you!

   It’s so amazing to read those thoughts and realize another two years have gone by!  It surprises me whenever I think about it, but Josie will have been home for FOUR years this summer!  Where has the time gone?!?  I will add an update post to the blog, but am going to also add back the few posts made at the old domain over the past two years. Then, from here on, this is the blog space to see.

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